Tributes to Lapiro de Mbanga

Lambo Sandjo Pierre Roger (Lapiro)

1957 - 2014

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Lapiro's Quotes

Mbut na Sick

We remember Lapiro de Mbanga. Those who mourn him; family and fans alike. He was a master of no instrument, not the best of singers, yet all his life, music swept and shook his soul, pleading and eventually borne. His music was simple but expressive of the passion and love for his nation. To some his music was a destructive tornado, but to others it acted as an incentive to change. Spend time to think about "NDINGA MAN" and what he contributed to your life and our great nation. Let us acknowledge and honor his words and works with humble words and commemorate together, for a true LEGEND has parted from us.
Kwata TV Team.
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